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Command room St. Gallen Cantonal Police


CONROM's customers operate and maintain control and surveillance rooms in a wide range of areas.

CONROM works for government, semi-government and private organizations and enterprises operating in traffic surveillance, power generation and supply, telecommunications, finance and healthcare.

Selection from our list of references

  • AVAG
    Renovation of operations center
  • SBB (Swiss Federal Railways)  transport police
    Renovation of operations center
  • St. Gallen Cantonal Police
    Strategy for a new integrated emergency call center
  • ASTRA Sissach
    New traffic control center
  • New York Police
    Renovation of Sheriff Court House alarm center
  • Aargau Cantonal Police
    New integrated emergency call center
  • Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant
    Renovation of main control room
  • VGS Medicals Switzerland AG Renovation of operations center
  • Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRF (Swiss radio and television) Renovation of security center Leutschenbach
  • Swissgrid AG
    New grid control center
  • Zurich Municipal Electricity Utility ewz
    New distribution grid control center

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